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Within the Church-life, there are fellowship groups that pertain to necessities for our growth in Christ. Currently, we have established three meeting groups for the believers, that help with some of the basic needs for the believers. These groups meet separately for the Lord’s table and weekly fellowship meetings in order to build the body as a whole. It may appear segregated, that we meet as separate groups, but in actuality we stand together as one Body with similar portions.
The young adults group, is tailored for the spiritual growth of the saints from their teenage years to their working years after graduation from college. Meeting in this group allows the young ones to seek guidance from elders, to fortify their own inner speaking of the Lord through His Word, and to seek out fellowship with many other young adult Christians, regardless of denomination or background.

The Chinese speaking fellowship about the Lord and His Word through the Chinese language to help lift any communication barriers. These families, many times, meet in the meeting hall and also their homes.
The English speaking group also fellowship about the Lord and His Word through the English language. These families also meet in the meeting hall and also their homes.
Once a month, we all meet together as the church to break bread for continuing growth and fellowship among the church. Followed by a wonderful “Love feast” (potluck lunch), the corporate fellowship meeting is rich with sharing, testimony, and speaking from all groups. Click on a group below, to find out more details… Also, you can view the calendar of events for each group.
We welcome all individuals with different native speaking… English and Chinese are just the ones we currently know.

Testimony on Fellowship Groups

“No one group is enough in itself. We need many crazy Jesus lovers to be in fellowship groups. With the group I currently fellowship with, I’ve found it to be a way of our serving the Lord and loving one another. Often times, our hearts are warmed up after an evening of resting in the bosom of the Father. It simply is a great way to end a busy week and gives a renewed focus to start a weekend by being connected with one another.”

Related Verses

1 John 3:14 14 We know that we have passed out of death into life because we love the brothers. (He who does not love abides in death.)